I love being able to give back to the community and non-for-profit organisations. 

Community & Giving Back

Growing up in the small regional town of Walla Walla, NSW, I learnt the importance of strong community groups and being able to give back. 

Commumity groups like football and netball clubs rely on volunteers to be successful. This is important to our family as our kids love sport and if these community groups didn't exist, there would be less options for them. 

There is then of course all the very worthwhile not-for-profit and charity organisations that rely on volunteers and donations of money and resources to succeed. 

I choose to spread my time and resources across different organisations and share my knowledge and experience where useful. 

Where I am currently sharing my love:

- Chair  |  Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce

- Treasurer  |  Border Ovarian Cancer Awareness Group

- Committee Member  |  City2City Run/Walk

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