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Business Health Check

Answer these simple questions that cover different areas of your business.

Then count how many 'yes' answers you have and check out the scores at the bottom..

How did you score?


1 – 10

You are doing an awesome job to keep everything going. I have a feeling you may be super stressed though....  There are definitely lots of improvements that can be made if you are willing to invest a bit of time and energy into doing so. You've got absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. 

11 - 19

Great job - you are doing some things really well, yet there are obviously some things can still be done better. You are in that sweet spot where you can really start to take control or just keep-on keeping-on. You're in the prime position to make an impact and do more of what you are doing really well and improving the other stuff! 

20 - 25

You deserve to be very proud of where you and your business is at. You definitely deserve a holiday!.... If you're not actually regularly taking the breaks, is it because the business is still controlling you perhaps? We can also help you with that.... time to take ownership of your business again!