The first thing we do, is arrange a complimentary chat to discuss where you are at, what your challenges are, and where you want to be.

We then decide whether the Deep Dive Session with Action Plan or the Monthly Get Sh*t Done Program would suit you better.


We meet for an action packed productive 4 hour Deep Dive Session.

We will look deeper into where you are now, where you want to be, and what your challenges are.


We will then go through the following:


- What's most important to you. What are your values and priorities in life.

- What your short and longer-term goals are

- What do you personally want to achieve in business

- Why you went into business

Based on the outcomes of the discussions, we will then workshop things like:

- Who is your ideal client, and what are they saying about your business

- Your client/customer engagement and experience

- Compare the products and services you are currently providing with what you would like to provide
- Your business processes and procedures

- SWOT analysis

- Marketing Plan

- Pricing strategy

- Income Plan (aka a Budget) for your business

After the Deep Dive Meeting, I will send through an Action Plan based on outcomes and priorities from the meeting. You can work through to implement these in the suggested timeframe.

I am also able to assist with the implementation of any items on the action plan which can be discussed as required.

You may also wish to move into one of the monthly ongoing options, to ensure that you remain on track, have the support required and most importantly an accountability partner!



Standard Packages

  • 90 min strategy and implementation meeting per month

  • Preferred Referral level 3

  • Invite to quarterly social night



per month

(or $50 per week)

  • 2 hour strategy and implementation meeting per month

  • Access to private Facebook Group which includes weekly live Q&A

  • Email Support - (up to 4 per month)

  • Preferred Referral level 2

  • Invite to quarterly social night



per month

(or $90 per week)

  • 3 hour strategy and implementation meeting per month

  • Access to private Facebook Group which includes weekly live Q&A

  • Weekly 30 minute phone/video calls

  • Email Support 

  • Preferred Referral level 1 

  • Quarterly Mastermind to learn, grow and network with other business owners

  • Discounted & VIP treatment at annual weekend away 

  • Invite to quarterly social night



per month

(or $178 per week)

To discuss options and learn more about how these packages could benefit you, let's chat! Book a 30 minute complimentary meeting, which we can do in person (in the Albury/Wodonga area), or online.

I also offer higher level, and fully customised options, depending on your business needs - get in touch and we can discuss the most valuable and useful option for you and your business.

Further details

Access to Private Facebook Group

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, get advice and support from other like-minded business owners. It's a chance to build relationships, collaborate, share your knowledge, and learn from others.

I will pop in once a week for a live Q&A where we can chat about any challenges anyone is having, flesh out any new ideas etc.

Preferred Referrals

I regularly get asked for recommendations on different products and services. Members on each level of the program will be a preferred referral.

The levels are designed to give the higher level members priority for these referrals.

Email Support

You can send through any burning questions you have during the month. The Growth package allows up to 4 standard email queries, and the Success package is unlimited.  

Quarterly Mastermind

Once every 3 months, we hold a 3 hour mastermind group, where we have further opportunity to build those all-important relationships, collaborate, share your knowledge and learn from others.


Quarterly Social Night

Being a small business owner can not only be tough, it can also be lonely. It's really important to make the time to let your hair down and have a fun and relaxing night out.

Every 3 months we will head out to one of the awesome local venues for dinner and drinks, and get to know other members on a new level!

Annual Weekend Away

Once a year we will head out of town for 2 nights for a combination of workshoping and relationship building and fun and relaxation.

The first getaway is to the Beechworth Old Priory - date is to be confirmed soon.

The monthly membership program provides you with ongoing advice and support to set and achieve goals. We work together to regularly set priorities and implement action plans so that you are always moving forward.


Arguably, the most valuable part of the programs is that you get an accountability partner so that you continue to stay motivated and on track to move forward. It's so easy to get caught up being busy in business and not finding the time to do what needs to be done for change to happen.

We meet on a monthly basis (either in person or online) to work through current or new challenges and assess what's working well, and what needs to change.

Each month we will have a new action plan created so we know exactly what needs to be achieved during the month and how we are going to get there.

We can also utilise the time during the monthly meetings to start implementing things off the action plan.

There are 3 standard package options, which include different features and benefits, and we can also fully customise a package to suit you and your business.



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