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Are you pushing yourself?

I was doing a workout today – which is reasonably normal. I have always liked to exercise, as to me it’s not about body size or weight, it’s for my sanity 🧚‍♀️ It gives me time to focus on nothing else except whatever activity it is that I am doing.

No-one can call me (although I have answered a few phone call that appeared urgent whilst running over the years), I’m offline from emails (unless I am waiting on something important, and still keep checking every notification), and the kids can’t ask me to do anything (but if I am easily accessible within the house or garage doing my workout, they still find a need to ask me something). BUT overall it’s MY time for some head clearing and sweatfest 👌

So, yes, I was doing a workout today, and I chose a workout I hadn’t done for a while. I have done and loved programs by Varlah (check out RAW by Varlah which I am getting back into) over the last few years, but for whatever reason haven’t done so lately. I realised very (very) early on that I was feeling quite unfit. Everything I did was HARD. And, this was new to me. Normally it’s a lot easier than what it was.

I have still been exercising on a regular basis (ie. 5 times a week) and thought I was keeping my fitness up, but without even really noticing, I had obviously really eased off 🤔

This then of course got me thinking how this can be so similar to certain times in business. You can be cruising along, thinking you are doing fine, but don’t take a step back to see what you could actually be doing better. Could you be pushing yourself harder, or taking on some challenges that you are shying away from because they seem hard?

It’s so easy to get caught in cruise control, but is that really getting us to where we want to be?

Have a think about where you are just cruising in your business and if there is anywhere you could actually be spending more time and energy. I would love you to share, as others may very well be in exactly the same position 🤩

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