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Don't let a headwind make you give up

I was out for my morning run yesterday, and it was later in the day than I had planned – but I am on holidays, so I go with whatever works, and I love a sleepin when I can! 😴

So, it was nearly lunch time by the time I went, and as anyone in the Albury/Wodonga area knows, it’s been pretty damn hot🔥 this last week – so it was a nice warm run! Also, considering ongoing Christmas festivities, the daily exercise is always a bit of a killer 😉

Anywho, half way through the run when I had turned to head home, I was running into a strong head wind. I couldn’t help but complain to myself how annoying it is that there always seems to be a headwind on the way back – when I’m already half dead. It’s seems unnecessarily cruel. 🥴

I actually decided to turn my podcast off, and just enjoy the wind and try and be more appreciative of the situation. That didn’t go great, as I still thought it was just too much, and maybe I should walk for a bit.

It was then that HELL NO hit me. I am not stopping now. Why would I stop when I have done so much of the hard yards already. Just push through, and then I will get to the next corner and have the wind behind me sooner. So pushed through is what I did. 👊

This got me thinking about how this is similar to business. Heading towards a certain goal, it can feel like a constant headwind, and often more-so when you start to get halfway there. The headwind can make you want to quit. Make you want to just give up because it’s all too hard.

We need to remember the benefits come from those times. Pushing through the challenges is what makes us stronger and helps us reach our goals. 🥳

As I got to the entrance to our Estate yesterday and finally got to turn and get out of the headwind, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, that my run had been a success, and the hard work was all worthwhile.

That too will happen in business, if you just grit your teeth, hold on and push through the challenges, you too will turn the corner and get out of the headwind and feel the successes. It’s so worth it!

So, as we head into 2019, don’t give up on your goals. Aim high, and don’t let challenges set you back, you’ve got this!

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