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Knowing is easy; doing is hard!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I read this great post today by Carl Richards (The behavior Gap), outlining that there is a massive difference between knowing what you need to do, and actually doing it.

Knowing does not equal doing.

We sign up to workshops, do online courses, and read books that are all going to give us the magic answer to solve all of our problems. But the question is how often do we implement the things we have learnt?

Now I'm not being unrealistic here, nor pretending I have never done this either - I do it ALL THE TIME!

But I am trying to get better at utilising what I have already learnt, and what I already know, and actually implementing (DOING) some of those things (an online course that I have been talking about for years - literally years - finally coming soon - promise!)

We can easily become addicted to the knowing, the learning, the tips, tricks and hacks, but we aren't so addicted to the actual doing, and that's because it's most often hard work. The doing get's put in the too-hard basket (how big is yours?, mine is huge!) because it's too time consuming or you simply just don't know where to start.

My advice is just start. Look to implement just one thing that you have learnt, or know you need to do.

Because the beauty is, that once you have implemented and achieved one thing, you feel accomplished and will be more likely to keep going, and move onto the next thing, and the next thing...

Don't just keep consuming more and more information, get to and start doing!

P.S. If you need help knowing where to start, or what to prioritise to do first - let's chat. Book a complimentary meeting with me here:

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