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What does your brand say about you?

Do you have an ideal target in mind, but just not getting enough of them to buy your products, or use your services?

It may be that your brand isn’t speaking to them. What you are thinking, and what you are portraying can be very different.

For example, if you are trying to attract sophisticated clients/customers, yet you have mix-matching fonts and spelling mistakes in your communications, you just won’t be hitting the mark.

If you are wanting clients who are willing to spend money on your service or product, you need to show that you care by paying attention to the details. You will easily lack credibility if things appear rushed or half-done.

Your brand is your reputation, and everything that you do in your business is a reflection of this.

Too many different colours and fonts can appear un-organised and unprofessional. This is certainly not what you are wanting to portray if you are wanting your potential clients or customers to trust you.

Here are a few tips to spot-check your brand:

1. Check your colours

How many colours do you use on your website, social media and other communications? Is there a consistent, yet not overpowering theme?

You want to show consistency without going overboard on any particular colour. For example, if you have orange as a pop colour in your logo, you don’t need to include it EVERYWHERE. It needs to appear regularly to keep it consistent, but not in every image or text you create.

2. Are you addicted to fonts?

How many different fonts do you use across all of your communications? You should be using a few different fonts and sizes that represent the brand and talk to your target market, not making them dizzy by using a tonne of different options. I know, I know, there are so many to choose from, but you need to keep it reasonably simple.

As for fonts, it’s also worthwhile making sure they are going to be easy to read on your website, social media, email communications etc. If you are thinking of having any merchandise or corporate wear created, it’s really important the fonts are actually readable.

3. Images

Are the images you are using attracting your ideal clients, and more importantly, are they a true representation of you, your brand, your values and the service you offer?

A free stock image of someone in a suit in a sky-scraping office isn’t going to speak to the right people if your target market is situated in a regional city like Albury/Wodonga.

It’s so much better to have images of you, your team, your products or services etc., but if not possible, ensure you choose images that represent the values of your business.

4. Have guidelines and be consistent

All businesses should have Brand Guidelines which stipulate how the logo is used and what colour variations it can be used in (please don’t ever ‘stretch’ your logo incorrectly to fit something!). It also includes the colours that will be used throughout the brand, and the fonts and sizes that you will use. It’s also important to include in the guidelines who your target client is and what your values are, and what message you want to portray. It’s a great reminder of how, what and why to create. Ensure all of your team, or anyone you outsource and part of your business to are aware of these guidelines.

Being consistent is really important, but it’s more than just using the same fonts, colours and images – every interaction someone has with your business represents your brand, whether this is online, over the phone or in person.

If you would like a brand review to get an outsiders perspective on the image and message your business portrays, I can help. Head here for details.

(If you’re looking for someone to take photos that suit your brand, you need to check this out)

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