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You can't please everyone - you're not wine!

I came across this quote on Instagram which grabbed my attention. Firstly because I 100% agree, as I love wine, but secondly it got me thinking about the truth behind it.

I am a self-confessed people pleaser. I go out of my way to make sure everyone around me is happy, yet I know it’s impossible to please everyone. The harsh truth is that if we are out there trying to please everyone, it’s likely we are pleasing no-one.

This is true in business as well. Rather than trying to please 100% of your potential and existing customers, you can focus on the needs of a smaller amount of customers, focus on them, and you will then have more happy customers.

Have you asked your potential and existing customers what they actually want from you? A lot of people survey their customers, or ask for feedback, but don’t actually do anything constructive with that information.

If you ask the right questions, assess the responses, you can then stop wasting time and energy and resources on things that aren’t important, and focus on what they do need and want from you.

So remember you can’t please everyone. Find out what it is your customers want, focus on what’s important to them, and don’t waste time on what isn’t.

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