Is this you?

If any of these things resonate with you, you're not alone, and I'm here to help! 

You're busy being busy,

but not

getting ahead

Business doesn't run without you being there meaning you're close to burnout

Your business runs you, instead of you running the business

You need better processes to be more efficient and productive

You would like better customer/client engagement

Your to-do list gets longer instead of shorter

You know you need a marketing strategy but don't know where to start

Your team isn't fully on board with your business values and goals

Work/life balance is non-existent

You've lost the love for your business because it's all too hard

You want more profitability to take the pressure off cashflow

You know you need to make changes but you have no idea where to start

These are all very common for a lot of business owners I talk to, so no need to feel bad, it's time to make a change! 

It's also really common to be doing reasonably great in business, but you just need some clarification, direction and guidance from an indpendant source. 

Wherever you are at, if you would like to book a 30 minute, no-obligation, complimentary meeting, to see how I can help, I would love to chat. 

What happens next?

If we feel we are a good fit for each other, I will then put together a fee proposal based on what service and value I can provide. This way you know exactly where you are at, and no surprises.

We then meet for a 4 hour deep dive planning session where we will go through a thorough process to determine what’s most important to you, where you are at now, what your challenges are and where you want to be in business.

We will then agree on an Action Plan and prioritise the projects to work on. I will provide a detailed implementation plan of how and when we are going to achieve things.

I can assist with as much or little of the implementation plan as you choose. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in business over the years as it’s easy to be told what you SHOULD be doing, but is much more useful if we are told the HOW – or even better outsourcing tasks that you know aren’t your strengths, or that you have the time or energy to do.

I’m pretty sure you went into business doing whatever it is you do because you have a love and passion for that particular thing…. Not necessarily everything else that goes along with running a successful business.

Things I can help with..

  • Setting up processes and procedures in the business to improve efficiencies and be more productive. These are also critical to have if you have employees, or intend to in the future, so that the business can run smoothly with or without your constant input.

  • Going through your services and determining all the client/customer touch points to ensure that the client is getting the best experience along the way. This will increase customer satisfaction and encourage natural referrals.

  • Developing a business plan that is relevant and useful to the business.

  • Creating a Marketing Plan with a strategy that is aimed at your ideal target market and ensuring you get back from your marketing spend.

  • Analyse the software and technologies that you use and could use within the business.

  • Prepare a budget and cashflow forecast which helps to get control of cashflow and allows decisions to be made easier.

Marketing & Branding 

I can also provide the following marketing, branding and graphic design services as part of the implementation plan:

  • Creation and or ongoing/maintenance of your website

  • Logo creation and branding guidelines 

  • Social Media content calendar including post templates

  • Implementation of social media content calendar including posts, images, videos etc. 

  • e-newsletter creation and content

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